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Our Great Story

The Alaskan Native Artists gallery has been in existence in Homer for about 30 years, and all through that time it has been a great pride and honor to showcase work from a lot of great Alaskan artists to our customers. With poetry readings, local art, lively music, plus a warm bed and dinner always available to our visitors, the Alaskan Native Artists gallery quickly became a famous Homer landmark and an epicenter of cultural activity.


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Mission Statement

Alaskan Native Artists gallery provides a venue for Alaskan artists to display and sell their artwork. Members of the cooperative work with one another to enhance the cultural and artistic life of Homer through monthly events in our Back Room Gallery, youth art scholarships, and mutual support.


Alaskan Native Artists gallery is situated at 105 Pumpkin Avenue in downtown Homer. The gallery is open every day all through the year except on major holidays. For further inquiry and information, please contact us at 800-567-8800 or by email at arts@alaskanativeartists.com.

Our History

Alaska Native Artists was founded in 1986 by building owner Jessica McKenzie. It is one the oldest art galleries in Homer, Alaska. For 29 years we’ve operated under a blended structure where we combined cooperative management by our artists with private ownership.
Originally in the 1980s, Alaska Native Artists was set up to have a retail space and a lot of “open air” studio spaces to allow our customers interact and see the artists at work. As the number of artists kept growing, it quickly became an art gallery. And in 1992 we decided to renovate the area for the Back Room Gallery to be a new place for solo exhibits. Check out the Back Room Gallery for more information about current shows and future exhibits. If you have an interest in a collaborative or solo exhibition in our Back Room Gallery, please send an email to arts@alaskanativeartists.com or check out more information on the Call for Artists by the Back Room Gallery.
A significant turning point for the Alaska Native Artists gallery was on the 1st June 2013 when the gallery grew into a cooperative art gallery featuring more than 20 artist-members and a Board of Directors and officers that were largely elected. One of our artists had this to say about the cooperative structure at Alaska Native Artists gallery, “It’s great to be part-owner of a well-known art gallery where all the member-artists share in the rewards and responsibilities of managing the business. It engenders a positive family atmosphere.”