Swegway UK: Tips on How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Battery

Many people have been wondering what kind of batteries power the hoverboards; it has been uncovered that they are powered by the latest generation of “Li-Po”, which in concise term is Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries. If perchance, you continue to deplete the batteries for about a few minutes longer, then you might just force it to a point in which the battery will find it difficult recovering from and it will reject the charge later on. This is just a painted picture of how your Swegway UK battery is prone to damaging internal components and getting very hot. The moral of this tale is you should ensure that you stop riding when you hear the low battery alarm, most especially when it is beeping continuously.

Secondly, unlike every other kind of batteries out there, it is advised that you not preserve an LI-Po battery with a full charge, because this will affect the long-term battery life. The great news here is that our engineers have carefully thought about this, thus designed a charger that uses a simple green light/ red light charging system. When the charger is green, it tells that the battery is charged for safety, sufficient battery duration, and battery life. One thing you should be careful about in this case is that do unplug the charger while it is green just so that you do not keep on charging the board. If you do not unplug it, you will be reducing the battery life. There is actually a circuitry set in place to counteract this; rather it is advised that you unplug a Li-Po battery when it is not charging, just in case this circuitry in question fails. It is important that you do not use the protection as your going-in plan, rather use it as a backup plan.

So it is actually easy, acquire your Swegway UK for a reputable dealer that understand the importance of genuine electronics and set a 3-hour timer. The charger should be unplugged when the timer goes off or perhaps when the light turns green

These are the two simple steps to take when you want your new hoverboard to last for a long time and at the same time ensure the safety of your family.

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