LV Bags Sale: How to Find out If They’re Real or Knockoffs

There are certain factors that you can consider when you want to know is an LV brand is actually authentic or it is nothing more than a knockoff. One of the factors that are always being considered is the price, the authentic LV bags are too pricey and you come across a deal that claims to be genuine during an LV bags sale and the price margin is too good to be true, it is without a doubt that the LV brands being sold are knockoffs. It is important you are aware of the following that is stated below because a genuine Louis Vuitton have them

  • Stitching – This is more like the identity of an authentic Louis Vuitton bags. You will find that a genuine Louis Vuitton Bag is ideally stitched and over years it will not split. There are two types of stitches, the loose and the misplaced threads.
  • Metal hardware – If you are with an LV bag, you will notice that there is a metal hardware constructed of brass metal or gold. Try and pay close attention at the zippers because they are imprinted with the letters “LV”.
  • Interiors – The genuine Louis Vuitton bags have it that the interiors are lined with a honey or red-colored canvas and they are fashioned from cross-grain leather, microfiber suede, tone-on-tone polyester or micro-monogram textile.
  • Monogram – The monograms in genuine Louis Vuitton bags are carefully placed with all the side being symmetrical and the gold letters are printed as clear as possible with a brown line passing through the Louis Vuitton Logo. The monograms are without doubt placed accurately, they are neatly threaded and thin. In some instance, you will find it hat the logo on one side is placed upside down.
  • Tags – The tags for one are paced inside the handbag or a dust bag but they are not in any way attached to the bag.
  • Hardware and handles – most of the authentic Louis Vuitton handbags have handles that are fashioned from genuine rolled cow leather.
  • Make mark – It is without a doubt that authentic Louis Vuitton bags are manufactured in Germany, US, France Spain and Italy.

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