Best Wifi Routers: What Features Should I Look For?

Once you chose the type of router that suits your needs, the next decision to make about the best wifi routers is planning a budget and deciding the features you want.

For optimum satisfaction, opt for the 11ac wireless router that comes with a minimum of three aerials – even though in most cases, they will be mounted in discrete places, so peruse through our expert reviews or check the features to ensure you are getting the best tool.

Numerous homeowners are in need of wired Ethernet connections, so it is advisable to have lots of Ethernet LAN ports. Make sure that the unit contains at least gigabit specs, and it must be designed with four ports as this is the specified requirement.

A gigabit switch can help increase the capacity of the router without any difficulties; these tend to create more wires, boxes and power sources to hide.

If you are not willing to buy a NAS drive or pass through the normal process of sharing a hard drive, then opt for a router designed with a USB port for storage purpose. You can also share USB printer via this means.

Synology’s RT1900ac router incorporates the NAS drives software with router hardware so that you can add your personalized external storage.

Most of the best WiFi routers come with features like ‘guest’ network that allows friends use the internet without giving them the access to your computers and other devices on your home network. This shouldn’t top your priority list, but it could be precious if you are managing a small business like a Bed and Breakfast.

Some brands have shifted focus to ‘smart routers,’ which give people the right to use the router’s setup admin interface regardless of their connection status. Due to the numerous security lapses that occur in most domestic routers, we would not advise you to look for additional ways to change your home settings than necessary.

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