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Wanda Culp (Kashudoha)
See: Paintings, Prints & Cards

Wanda CulpKashudoha (Wanda Loescher Culp) is Chookeneidi (Eagle-Brown Bear Clan), descendant from Glacier Bay, Alaska, grandchild of Luk’naxadi (Raven-Coho Clan) of Lituya Bay on the outer coast near Yakutat.

Born and raised in Juneau in 1948, Kashudoha moved to Hoonah (the home of the Chookeneidi) with her two daughters. She now lives between Hoonah, Excursion Inlet and Juneau.

Drawing and painting since a child, Kashudoha started a business in art in 1996, determined to create quality Tlingit art that depicts the indigenous historic connection to this land in the past, present and future. Each piece gives a peek into the Tlingit history of Southeast Alaska.

Kashudoha provides fine limited-edition prints, note cards, Native designs for robes, tunics headbands, drums, windows and boats and commissions for one-of-a-kind originals. Her work is done in oils, acrylics, watercolor, conté crayon, pastels, pencil and ink.