Our Holiday Perks


Once again we’re in that time of the year when the Alaska Native Artists gallery transforms into Gift Central, where our excess of local small business are celebrated with small business Saturday and the residents of Homer find the one-of-a-kind presents made with a lot of love by fellow Homerites. Our artists are also like busy little elves getting ready for the numerous fairs, holiday festivals, and shows all across Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula. Make sure you check out the schedules so that you can be on their trail in case something nice falls out of their bags.

Alaska Native Artists gallery offers all types of holiday perks. When you buy a unique present for a loved one or yourself, our artist of the day can gift wrap it at your request. We also have a Christmas tree and there are little decorations tucked into different parts of the gallery. You might even be lucky to get some hot apple cider plus a cookie or two.

Another amazing reason why you should drop in at the Alaska Native Artists gallery is because American Express is sponsoring the Small Business Saturday program to celebrate small shops and we’re one of the participating businesses. The “small shop” drive encourages shoppers to support the small local businesses in their communities throughout the year. The money spent by shoppers in the small businesses stays within the community, providing income and jobs to neighbors and friends. Last year there were 88 million consumers on Small Businesses Saturday who patronized the local businesses spending $14.3 billion at independent and local businesses, and that is a great thing. So, since you’ll be shopping for Christmas anyway, stop by and see what the local independent retailers have in store for you. We’re very sure you’ll like it plus there’s a very good chance you might be getting some freebies from American Express, even though we have no idea what those might be. However, if you pay us a visit, we’ll enjoy the surprise together.

Even though together we’re really cool at Alaska Native Artists gallery, separately we’re wonderful too. Moreover, without each one of our individual artists that is a member of the co-operative, we wouldn’t be close to what we are today. So, we’ll be giving you a list of fairs, shows, and bazaars in the area, and artists from Alaska Native Artists gallery that will be selling their works. Happy holidays, everyone!