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"Copper Woman" by Alaska Native artist Clarissa Hudson      

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Sealaska Heritage Institute
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Doug Chilton (Yaa

Drums Stone & Bronze Totems Wood Carvings

Doug Chilton (Yaa standing next to his Raven Beaver totem pole

Doug, Yaa, is a Tlingit Indian. He is of Raven moiety, Yéil, and a member of the Deisheetaan Clan, Beaver Clan, and is from the Raven House, Yéil Hit, of Angoon, Alaska.

His name, Yaa, is an old name derived from the Raven House of Angoon. As is the case for many Tlingit names, the meaning or English expression does not exist.

Doug was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, and carves primarily in silver, gold, wood, ivory, bone and soapstone.

Doug's designs are Tlingit style and are traditional in form. In 1979, Doug began his wood carving apprenticeship under Ray Peck, a member of the Deisheetaan Clan of Angoon and an established carver of totemic and panel carvings. Later Doug began working under the direction of Walter Bennett, also a local well-known carver.

In 1990, Doug began to work with silver and gold engravings under the watchful eye of his brother, Gene Chyilton, Sgunax yaa.Doug has since begun developing his skills independently.

All of his works of art are original. Each design, totem, mask and plaque is a unique treasure. Doug takes great pride in continuing his Tlingit ancestral art.