Some of Our Artists at Alaska Native Artists gallery

The Alaska Native Artists gallery is home to a lot of the best Alaskan artists you’ll find. Here are some of them;

Miranda Kindler

mirandafrickerprofileMiranda Kindler was born in the city of East Chicago, Illinois. She read art at Chicago’s Academy of Art and the Chicago Art Institute. As a young adult in pursuit of a better life, in 1994, Miranda moved to Haines in Alaska. And in 1997, she met her husband, James. Then in 2000 they both moved to Anchorage, got married, and started having children.

Over the years, Miranda’s work has progressed from oil realism to fanciful, colorful, joyful art. She ascribes the evolution of her art to her children who are the sources of her daily inspiration.

Matthew Bronhy

Matthew is a Special Olympic Athlete and young adult artist from Alaska. He was born at a time his parents were Lake Clark trappers and grew up in a lot of villages and small towns with his mother, who was a “rural/bush” teacher. Today he resides in the Homer amongst the artist community.

For over 10 years, he has been honing his art skills, using a combination of felt tip marker and pen as his favorite medium. He uses his own creative style to draw every one of his black lines while using his imagination to add color.

Being an adult with Down’s syndrome, Matthew’s purity shines through in every one of his art. His aim is to function self-sufficiently as an Alaskan artist, sharing his childlike, colorful view of life.

Lizzy Brezini

imagesElizabeth Brezini is a clay artist who moved to Alaska in 1975 with her husband after the completion of her B.A In Literature degree. Lizzy is well-known for hand-built pottery and wheel-thrown pottery of stoneware clay. Most of what she does is functional tableware, but she also loves making wall pieces and sculptures. Even though she is largely self-taught, she has been to workshops and college art classes with international and national clay artists. Her works have featured in a lot of local juried shows over the last twenty-five years.

Timothy Adams

Timothy is a full-time artist and a professional who has been living in Homer, Alaska for over 30 years. During that period he has lived on participating in various fine art events and doing commercial artwork. His works include sculpture, prints, drawing, and painting. The Alaska Native Artists gallery features both his originals and prints. You’ll find out that he loves classical art styles with an extraordinary interest in mythological ideas like Nature Spirits and Mermaids. His love for Alaska shines strongly through his works.