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Welcome to Alaska Native Artists! This extraordinary art gallery has been in existence in Homer, Alaska on Pumpkin Avenue since 1986. In June 2013, the gallery was bought over by the artists. It developed into a co-op gallery operated and owned by the artists. Apart from creating and selling their works at Alaska Native Artists, our artists also staff the gallery providing expert knowledge and information about the artwork to our customers.

Alaska Native Artists Cooperative Gallery is open all through the year. The gallery provides artists an avenue to display, market, and sell their artwork while giving locals and visitors alike the opportunity to purchase local handcrafted items and quality artwork. Alaska Native Artists showcases the artwork of well-known Homer artists along with newcomers to the art scene in Homer.

There are currently more than 20 owner-artists in the gallery plus a few consignment artists. The extensive variety of media on display includes photography, watercolor and acrylic paintings, sculpture, pottery, fiber/wearable arts, jewelry, Alaskan fine art cards and prints, stained and fused glass, and fine woodworking.

Alaska Native Artists Gallery is situated in charming and picturesque downtown Homer at 105 Pumpkin Avenue (very close to the Grand Hall) and a brief walk to a myriad of restaurants, other attractions, shops, and other galleries. Our gallery is open every day from 10-6pm Monday through Sunday (winter hours 11-5pm) except on major holidays. We’re also open on Sundays 12-4pm. We accept all the major credit cards. Shipping is available and all our purchases come with free gift-wrapping. famous-abstract-art-widescreen-hd-painting-pics-free

Our shop on Pumpkin Avenue in Homer is a delightful and warm place to discover original Alaskan art, fine art posters, and limited edition prints, along with hundreds of Alaskan gifts, including Birch Grove Studios pottery, Alaskan Christmas jewelry, glass, and ornaments, and Alaskan bone, ivory, and Native crafts.

If you can’t make it into town, you are always welcome to shop online 24/7.

We look ahead to meeting you in our gallery and invite you to a monthly personal meeting with our artists every first Friday, all through the year, during Anchorage’s First Friday Art Walk. At every show, one or more of the artists unveils a new piece which is usually a product of months and sometimes years of work, going into these openings. Enjoy a night out in the town of Anchorage and discover what’s new while lending your support to our talented artists and local small businesses. There are live music and refreshments, and we stay open until 11pm so you’re free to come late in the evening!


Technology, Art, and the influence of Tech News

When you think art, names like Rodin, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci into your mind. And when you think technology, you’ll probably conjure up images of a computer or a smartphone. All through history, technology has given artists new tools with which they can express themselves. Today, these two disciplines that appear distinct are more interwoven than at any other time, with technology playing a fundamental role in the evolution and development of art, and tech news sites featuring conspicuously as a big part of the mix.

shutterstock_121671250All across the world, our futures are being engineered by people. There’s the internet, virtual reality, biotech, augmented reality, nanotech, plus a host of others and all of this influences are changing our lives and the way we view ourselves and the world. Software developers, inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, on the one hand, and artists, designers, visual artists, and filmmakers, on the other hand, are busy producing new human experiences.As a result of these influences, original art is not only being produced all over, but completely new art forms are emerging too. A growing number of artists are going beyond the limitations of art, looking beyond what is viewed as “traditional” to integrate other facets into their work. Art has become less static, assuming a myriad of different forms, from flash mobs to 3D printing of digitally created sculptures, and the rules of engagement are changing too.

From around the 1860s, which marked the start of the postmodern art era, the most powerful players like renowned artists, art fair promoters, art critics, museum curators, and, particularly, powerful art gallery owners, have dictated the activities of the art world. But new ways through which art is produced, created, marketed, distributed, supported, preserved, and reported by online news media including tech news sites have emerged as a straight reaction to the world’s evolution to a society that is digital and socially connected – the internet age.




Sleep, Creativity, and the Artist: A Look at Air Mattress Reviews

The connection between sleep and creativity has been the subject of folklore amidst a lot of talk about sleep being a problem-solver, thus the advice to “sleep on it” when we encounter tough situations or decisions. Artists have often pointed to sleep as an important source that corresponds to their pursuit of creativity. Thus, sleep gives them a different approach. But how does an artist get good and quality sleep to engender dreams and daydreams that bring forth new ideas? Air mattress reviews is a good place to start.

4149dbea4955206d6f249492f24e54a9Some refer to them as sleeping pads, while others call them air beds and air mattresses. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are affordable, durable, and portable amongst other benefits. They are especially great for relieving backache and other medical conditions that are sleep-related. They are basically made up of rubber (latex) or PVC, and all you have to do is fill them up with air instead of using a spring or foam inside. Presently, air mattresses are more popular than foam mattresses and are in a stiff competition with spring mattresses as to which is better.

Air mattresses are ideal for a variety of uses, and they are made in loads of varieties. Also, a similarly high number of brands are making different types with varying features. So selecting the best air mattress can be rather confusing unless you check out some air mattress reviews. It is absolutely important that you get one that is perfect for your needs because your mattress is the number one step towards sleeping peacefully. Deciding on the best air mattress to buy basically involves getting some information about the different types available in the market, but there are a couple of factors you can consider while buying your air mattress such as nature of use, size, budget, firmness, height, and type of air pump.

Cameras and Photographic Art: The Considerations

Many of the art images in print or online are just not good enough. A lot of times they end up not doing any justice to the work of the artist with the fuzzy images, bad lighting, oversaturation, and all the other countless ways to render a great piece of art useless. In reality, there are loads of subtle techniques for achieving the best possible images, but using good quality cameras to capture amazing shots of your artwork is a great place to start. In this piece, we’ll take a quick look at some of the available cameras for taking photographs of artwork.

This piece has been written with artists and not photographers in mind. Paddling through the sea of information available on forums and online reviews can be quite laborious and confusing, especially if you’re not too conversant with your shutter speeds and focal ranges. The target is to make the selection as effortless as possible for artists who have varying budgetary considerations and are hoping to buy a good quality camera to shoot their own artworks.

camera-guide-for-food-bloggers-6The best camera for taking pictures of artwork depends entirely on what you’re trying to achieve. With photographic art, your target should always be to, as much as possible, capture images that are sharp and representative of the original piece. However, if you require images majorly for use on small art prints or on the internet, you could consider some of the less expensive cameras, such as the compact and advanced compact models. If you want to capture photographs that are of a great enough quality to reproduce for use with medium or large-sized prints, you’ll have to consider investing a little more money on a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera or a semi-compact camera with interchangeable lens.


Beard Growth Cream: The Importance of Beards in Art

One can discover a lot about an artist if their facial hair is taken into account. Thus it goes without saying that the type of facial hair on so many painters has a close resemblance to the art they created in their life. The lushness of their beards signifies that they would have resorted to a healthy helping of a best beard growth oil. A good example of one such artist is Vincent Van Gogh who portrayed himself with a scraggly yellow-red beard and also painted vast yellow fields, huge bushels of hay, and prickly sunflowers.

Besides the subjects painted by Van Gogh, one also has to take into account his unique style with each brush-stroke representing a strand of hair. He painted landscapes, clothing, and backgrounds in much the same way he did his beard – distinguishing skin from hair through a change of paint color.

beard-growth-product-reviewVincent Van Gogh did a couple of self-portraits which do not show a bushy beard. A good example is one he titled “Self Portrait With No Beard.” The piece happens to be one of the most costly artworks in history, valued at 71.5 million dollars. A good question to ask is why is this piece much more prized than any other artwork from Van Gogh? It’s simply because the artwork seems alien at first with the artist looking unrecognizable due to a different facial structure as a result of his missing beards. And possibly to see a man of Van Gogh’s stature without the famous beard makes him more of a human and less of an icon.

Facial-hair in art not only serves aesthetic purposes, it is seen as the muse for so many artists throughout history. The aesthetic decisions made by painters in their personal lives, such as deciding to keep a beard and possibly deciding to use a beard growth cream, most times goes beyond the simple purpose of style, and starts to act as inspiration for artistic imagination.


Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo Review: Are Hairdressers Really Artists?

If you are someone who is serious about hairdressing you’ve probably called yourself an artist at one point or the other. But is this the best category you should fit yourself into? We all agree that a good haircut can be regarded as a work of art, but the idea of putting hairdressers in the same group as painters and other artists doesn’t quite fit in some way. Although I’ve once come across an ultrax labs hair surge shampoo review where hairdressers were referred to as artists, traditional artists do not always provide a tangible service in return for money like a hairdresser does.

hair-surge-caffeine-stimulating-shampoo-e1404346952663Poets can possibly create poems exclusively for their own pleasure and enjoyment, while a hairdresser creates his/her art in consonance with the specifications of the customer and must strive to make them happy first and foremost. By tradition, artists are painters, writers, musicians, and poets. But as time went on, the definition of artist began to take a whole new meaning to include new art forms such as dance or film. The term artist actually refers to more than the vocation someone is involved in. It’s possible to be a writer and not be an artist. At its core, an artist is a person who devotes their entire being and soul into their work.

Artists are usually said to follow their muse, and this proves the free nature attributed to an artist. For the true artist, money is not usually a motivating factor to create a piece of work, and a look down the history of a couple of great artists proves this. A lot of the great artists lived their entire lives being extremely poor and never achieving success or fame until after they passed on. So, maybe the ultrax labs hair surge shampoo review does have some points, personally, I really don’t think hairdressers should be referred to as artists in the true sense of the word.


Alaska Artists Heading to a Location villa ile Maurice for the Mauritius Festival of Art

A group of artists who are members of the cooperative at Alaska Native Artists is headed to the beautiful island of Mauritius to attend the Mauritius Festival of Art. The group, which will be led by the cooperative’s patron Allan Cummings will be staying at some of the swashbuckling location villa ile Maurice during their trip.

The group of artists received their airline tickets just this morning. Timothy Adams, chairman of the cooperative is a part of the delegation which also includes Miranda Kindler, Lizzy Brezini, Thomas Anderson, James Cooper, and Veronica Sevigny. According to Timothy Adams, while some of the artists will be taking part in various workshops at the festival, other artists will also be showcasing their works to the Mauritius public.

art_mauritius_villaWhile speaking about the trip, delegation leader Allan Cummings said that it is important to experience the art and culture from other countries so as to appreciate their history and the struggles they’ve been through. He is of the firm belief that it is important for our artists to attend festivals like the Mauritius Art Festival to fly Alaska’s flag high. The Mauritius Ministry for Art and Culture will be in charge of the accommodation at the various elegant location villa ile Maurice around the venue of the festival.The head of Alaska’s State Council on the Arts while bidding the artists farewell, called on them to come together and continue to improve the level of art in Alaska. “You will take great pride in some of the things we have achieved when you realize that some of the art we have created in Alaska is at par with internationally acceptable standards and norms. And as the Council in charge of Art and Culture, we will continue to liaise with artists who make Alaska proud.”

Artist Gives His View on the HCG Diet

A lot of talk and debate has gone on about the HCG diet both for and against. Here is a piece by our own Thomas Anderson as he shares his thoughts on whether the controversial treatment regime is safe or not.

The question as to whether the HCG regimen is safe or not really needs to be broken down into two parts for it to be answered effectively;

1) Is HCG safe? The fact is, HCG has been used and it continues to be used successfully for a lot of purposes including as a tumor marker during the treatment of certain cancers and in both female and male fertility treatment. It is generally regarded as a safe form of treatment which is largely devoid of any dangerous side effects.

c19f1d009a70cfcf89699bdd08f99dbc2) Is the very low-calorie diet (VLCD) safe? The VLCD is closely linked with the HCG regimen and it’s very diet-specific. It starts with a two-day “load” period, where the person can eat anything they like with an inclination towards fatty foods. After the load period comes a 3-week VLCD period involving 500 to 800 calories based on your age, height, and activity level. The VLCD involves a lot of leafy greens, with two fruits and two servings protein, including some whey protein in an acceptable drink for breakfast. After the three weeks comes a “reset” where you are supposed to be on a paleo diet essentially. Complex carbs can then be reintroduced cautiously after the three-week reset.

Although a lot of people have their reservations about the VLCD, and by extension the HCG diet, I haven’t found anything risky about the diet as long as all the three steps are followed through meticulously. One thing I have found to be very unsafe, though, is losing weight very rapidly, and then regaining it almost immediately.

Alaska Native Artist Teams Up With Designer to Make Dog Treat Bag

A local Alaska artist and a member of our cooperative at Alaska Native Artists, Maryanne Simmons has teamed up with a professional designer to make an exceptional dog treat bag with a lovely pet portrait. The bag is hand-painted with a portrait, silhouette or logo of your beloved dog/pet. For future orders, there is a plan to produce custom designs as the makers of the lovely treat bag are planning to use different fabric samples that buyers can choose from. To get your pet’s photograph on the design you’ll be contacted after you’ve made a purchase and you can then send your photographs to

e4e3c0df0b34fd25c4fdcccdafda5c96The treat bag or pouch is made using durable fabric materials. The bag can be used to carry your dog cookies or training treats while you’re on a hike or walk with your dog, and also while practicing training tricks and commands. The bag features a black drawstring made from a long-lasting utility cord while the closure on the pouch helps in creating a secure seal. The outside of the bag features a fun and cheerful thick upholstery fabric, while the inside features a water resistant fabric lining which highlights the exterior. Whether on your hikes, training technique regimes or daily walks with your dog, your outings should be fun with the bag adding a lot of charm to the whole experience.

Have fun keeping delicacies for your dogs in a secure pouch that you can easily clip to your belt, backpack, outdoor gear, and pant loops using the handy stainless steel carabiner. The bag also comes with a place where you can slide your belt through to fasten it onto your pants. Do you know someone with a new puppy? Give them a surprise with the dog treat bag. It’s ideal as a gift too, especially for animal lovers.

Table Saw Reviews: Tips for Cross Cutting in a Woodworking Project

A table saw is essential to the artist because it allows him or her to make perfect cuts while on a woodworking project. However, because one can easily get into trouble cross cutting with a table saw, we’ve put together some table saw reviews to show you how to stay safe and avoid making some usual mistakes.

91w77hr2qhl-_sl1500_Cutting artwork, newel posts or other types of thick stock to length is essentially done through two steps. First, you need to mount an extension fence, shifting it toward the blade until it’s far enough to make a 45-degree angle cut on the end. A higher fence with a minimum of two-thirds the wood’s thickness allows for better support. Then the trick here is to make a cut halfway through at first, then turn the wood over to complete the cut.

With this technique, the blade guard blocks the blade from going right through the wood. You’d have to take it out for this task, so cut cautiously. Also, ensure that your fingers are kept away from the blade while making the cuts.

The table saw is possibly the riskiest power tool to use, even during crosscutting, so our table saw reviews features some tips to ensure you are safe as much as possible;

  • Always unplug the saw whenever you square up the blade using a drafting square.
  • All guards have adjustments. So ensure the blade and the safety guard support align. If they don’t align, boards can become caught on the support halfway through a cut.
  • It’s fine to shave just a bit off the board end. However, it’s better to avoid less than 2 in. cutoffs. Shorter cutoffs tend to be more frequently caught on the blade.
  • Under no circumstances should you use the rip fence on the table saw as a woodcutting guide. The wood usually becomes trapped between the saw blade and the fence thereby posing a dangerous kickback hazard.


Making an Artist Impression: Why You Should Get the Best Leather Padfolio

Seriously, you need to give off the impression that you mean business with your art padfolio binder at all times! You are only given one chance to make a positive first impression. So it’s important to take that opportunity and present yourself as a self-assured professional when you go into a room. A nice suit with all your artwork neatly arranged in a presentation case that looks professional can greatly boost your confidence and make a good first impression on your clients. The Best Leather Padfolio complements your professional look, while also protecting and organizing your artwork and supplies, thus making it really easy to transport all the stuff you need to achieve that flawless artist presentation.

ee9782f4b46d5152d021a8ccfb35a88dFor the ultimate art professional who frequently uses an art Padfolio, the Best Leather Padfolio is one with an amazing and impressive design. It should give off the professional look of an upscale binder with the functionality and mobility of a top-quality Padfolio holder. Rummaging through folders and tubes with the risk of losing art pages on your way to a key meeting is not a good thing. That’s the more reason why you need to invest in a padfolio binder that proves to the client that you’re on top of your game and you place a lot of importance on your artwork.

The genuine leather makes your padfolio durable and stylish while neatly keeping and displaying your art. An elastic strap should securely hold your art pages in place while a leather ergonomic handle should allow for easy carrying. The Best Leather Padfolio should fold completely flat to allow you seamless movement through your artist presentation. It should also carry a matching identification tag to add a finishing touch of class.

Artist James Owen – not in any way related to the pick-up artist Orlando Owen – Paints a Mural in Alaska

James Owen is the founder of the Alaska Love Project, an art concept that he hopes will spread connectivity through murals. His mural designs feature four hands spelling the word “LOVE.” Prior to this he painted an extensive mural for the Alaska City Project and played host to a street art workshop that took place at the Alaska Museum of Art which was actually attended by Wahre Männliche Meisterschaft Test.

628x471Owen is back in Alaska to paint a site-specific mural across the road from the Alaska Town Hall, just by the side of Johnny’s Donuts in Uptown Alaska. His new painting is expected to feature 30 orange blossoms, along with his well-known signature hand silhouettes which will spell out the word “Love.” The mural has already been approved by the city council, however, Owen and his crew are hopeful that they will be able to raise about $5,000 to cover lift rental, transportation, and supplies.

“I wanted to make this art that somehow looks somber at first, but upon looking deeper, you notice expressive flowers and see the life and character in them,” said Owen, a former Alaska resident who returned to give back to the city where he grew up.

Owen, 30, lived briefly in Homer, graduating from Dr. Williams High School before moving to Los Angeles to attend art school. It was there that he started a project which involved painting 25 walls across the city, both in the posh parts of LA and the impoverished parts, every one of his paintings carrying just one lone message, Love.

Owen hopes to complete this mural within the next week and judging by the amount of love and attention his work has elicited, its unveiling promises to be a mini-festival expected to be attended by Homer residents and the Alaskan art community. Owen is also hoping that his friend, Orlando Owen, will be able to grace the occasion with some panache.